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Various trailers for rent

We rent our various type of trailers in the Bloemfontein & surrounding areas. Currently we do not do one-way rentals, possibly from Q1 in 2019. a Trailer is hired out for one day, equaling 24 hours. We also do offer halfday rentals for 50% off BUT only from 7am to 1pm daily (no overnights). When renting a trailer from us, whether in person or online (via email) you need to provide insurance and a copy of your ID. 

We do not accept liability or loss for any trailer rented as it is in your posession. We only guarantee that each trailer is fully serviced and in good working order.


Utility Trailer

Utility Trailers are really good all purpose trailers. They can be used to remove rubbish, household items or really anything you can fit in them. They also hold a fair amount of weight and are easy to tow. Pricing starts at R230 per day.

Lowbed Trailer

Low bed Trailers are ideally used to transport cars, long or short distances. They do have other uses as well. Some have winches to help pull up a car onto the trailer. Pricing starts at R280 per day.

Piggyback Trailer

Piggyback Trailers are used to transport vehicles short distances. Just the front wheels are loaded onto the trailer, but are generally not difficult to tow. Pricing starts at R200 per day.

Luggage Trailer

Luggage Trailers are mostly used for luggage (of course) and are generally rented out for longer periods. Allot of people also now started using them for weekend fishing trips. They can also be used to remove rubbish or small household items or really anything you can fit in them. Pricing starts at R200 per day.

Here at SA Trailer Hire Bloemfontein, we believe is great customer service, well-serviced trailers that won’t let you down and pricing that doesn’t break the bank! Apart from renting out trailers we also do furniture removal in Bloemfontein, only local at this stage. 

Tips & Notes when renting a trailer
*Moving house – Much easier & quicker than a truck for smaller loads. Use the “slant” a trailer provides by tilting the trailer backwards to help with heavier items
*Smaller Vehicles or Motorbikes – can be used on a utility trailer as well as a lowbed
*Use a trailer to tow your vehicle if possible, much safer
Trailers are extremely usefull in protecting your car (ie loading all your fishing gear in a trailer instead of your SUV)
*Trash or Rubbish – instead of loading your rubbish in your car or SUV, rent a trailer (make use of our half day specials here)

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